Titanium maximum security Antivirus Download For PC

The internet has many opportunities. It makes the globe to resemble a small village, with the fast flow of commerce online.

However, the great convenience comes with a hidden price tag, online security. That’s where you require an excellent partner to fix that gap leaving you with ample time to focus on other businesses, apart from online security.

Titanium maximum security on Windows 10 OS allows you to protect several devices simultaneously. It has an inbuilt scanner for malware, password management tool plus the web-app for online monitoring for your safety.

Titanium Maximum Security Antivirus Pros

Here’s a sneak view of what maximum titanium security covers you from:

  • Viruses which carry on  a host if unauthorized activities behind the screen of your computer
  • Ransomware which renders you a hostage online and its close allies like adware and spyware. Titanium maximum security disallows any exploits that may act as back doors to your computer systems.
  • Hazardous websites are not safe for your data. That includes those flagged as phishing sites.
  • Theft of your identity: malicious parties crave the opportunity to act in your capacity for any reason.
  • Offline protection for external devices like SSD and USBs. Online security to your online folders (Google Drive, Dropbox, and MS One Drive +)

Note: As a Windows 10 PC user, Titanium maximum Antivirus supports all browsers with an exception for Edge. Titanium maximum protection guarantees you both online and offline safety. By switching the settings of your monitor to give you alerts every time a hypersensitive proves is triggered. The fastidious mode deletes flagged contents automatically from your Pc.

It is an antivirus service, which is cloud-based. It has the advantage of offloading your PC from massive memory engagements. Once installed, it updates on auto mode, saving you from the manual tasks.

Every time updates take place, you have a party that gives you good coverage for detecting malware lodged within the Pc‘s memory.

An infected system robs you of the resources when RAM is dedicated to illegal stuff. The protection offers you optimal performance. Titanium maximum security is a handy tool for every user.

The technology behind Titanium maximum security Antivirus

System protection on Multiple Layers: Maximum security has a 99.1% rate of precision just for malicious instances that are unknown. As a user, you are covered on the higher side with the auto-scanning technology that is as a result of tested Machine learning tech.

titanium windows 10

Download and Installation steps of Titanium Antivirus on Windows 10 OS:

  1. Download the Titanium maximum Antivirus Software; ensure you save the Antivirus on the desktop before running the install process.
  2. From the desktop icon, now run the install by double –clicks (In case of upgrades, ensure to prompt uninstall of the previous versions).
  3. Allow the user account control to go on by choosing ‘Yes.’ Proceed to extract the files for installation.
  4. Provide serial numbers for the product as purchased from the provider.
  5. Pay attention to the data disclosure followed by the license agreements; if evident, press install. Your installation should be through within a couple of minutes. After install, fill in your email account as details for future reference.